Cavendish C of E VC Primary School
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Sat 1st February 
Sun 2nd February 
Mon 3rd February 
Tue 4th February 
Wed 5th February 
Thu 6th FebruarySaturn Class visit Fitzwilliam Museum Cambridge/Yr 6 KS2 SAT's workshop and feedback 3:30pm 
Fri 7th February 
Sat 8th February 
Sun 9th February 
Mon 10th February 
Tue 11th FebruarySafer Internet Day 
Wed 12th February 
Thu 13th FebruaryYr 2 KS1 SAT's workshop and feedback 3:30pm 
Fri 14th February 
Sat 15th February 
Sun 16th February 
Mon 17th FebruaryHalf Term Week 
Tue 18th February 
Wed 19th February 
Thu 20th February 
Fri 21st February 
Sat 22nd February 
Sun 23rd February 
Mon 24th FebruaryChildren Return 
Tue 25th FebruaryShrove Tuesday (pancakes with chocolate sauce will be provided as part of the lunch menu) 
Wed 26th February 
Thu 27th FebruaryYr 1 Phonics workshop and feedback 3:30pm 
Fri 28th February 
Sat 29th February 
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