Cavendish C of E VC Primary School
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Sat 1st July 
Sun 2nd July 
Mon 3rd July 
Tue 4th JulySwimming Yr3/A Midsummer Nights Dream Neptune Performance to Parents 
Wed 5th JulyA Midsummer Nights Dream Neptune Performance to Parents 
Thu 6th JulyEgyptian Man visit to Saturn Class 
Fri 7th JulyCounty final Athletics Tournament Neptune Class 
Sat 8th JulySt Mary's Church Fete  
Sun 9th July 
Mon 10th July 
Tue 11th JulySwimming Yr3 
Wed 12th JulyInternal Transition afternoon 
Thu 13th July 
Fri 14th July 
Sat 15th July 
Sun 16th July 
Mon 17th July 
Tue 18th JulyLast Swim session Yr3 
Wed 19th July 
Thu 20th JulyLeavers Church Service 1:15pm/Last Day of Term :-) 
Fri 21st July 
Sat 22nd July 
Sun 23rd July 
Mon 24th July 
Tue 25th July 
Wed 26th July 
Thu 27th July 
Fri 28th July 
Sat 29th July 
Sun 30th July 
Mon 31st July 
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